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Entry for October 19, 2008
It is fall here in Portland, OR. Some trees have turned red just in the last week. The mushrooms have come up in my front yard where I had brought in some garden soil to fill in a hole. They are not the edible kind so I disposed of these after the picture was taken.

I finished slabbing some obsidian for a "napper" (sp?). He works these pieces into arrow heads.

I am in the process of lining up more shows to sell in. I will be starting close to home first - in Oregon and Washington- because of the price of diesel.

Most of my local customers want their thunder eggs cut and polished. I also get some other requests also.  I guess usually, I can't tell what a customer might be requesting when they call.

I have been working in our yard. The waterfall and pond area are in the worst shape. It all had to be redone and that has been a major task since I had never worked on one before. The old waterfall that was here when we moved in had been set up on a plywood frame. It had rotted and so the whole thing needed redoing. It has been a job!

I hope to get the basic part of it done this fall and then I will put the finishing touches on it in the spring.

I had some beautiful cabs that I finished. I have a lot more to "refinish" from the estate I purchased.

I am working on my site - adding a page of other items. These will be up soon.

So much for now.

2008-10-20 02:07:11 GMT
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