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What to do with extra or poor quality lapidary rocks. Entry for October 27, 2008
Photo coming later.

I am getting behind in my lapidary work  because of using a quantity of extra and poorer quality lapidary rocks. Now I am not using them for lapidary purposes but for rebuilding a waterfall that had fallen into disarray.  The previous owners of the property had used some plywood under the rubber lining and this had decayed.

I had several customers come in recently with some special requests. This included special stones for rings, drilling very small holes in very small quartz crystals, and cutting and polishing the usual Thunder eggs.

Managing the time needed to finish these special requests sometimes require a little creativity. Setting priorities help. Working on those activities of the highest priority bring a feeling of peace knowing the important things were worked on and hopefully finished.

Another time managing device is to be self controlled. Don't spend excess time on those fun activities that are just time wasters. Use these time wasters only when a break is needed from some tense activity. An example might be if you have been working on a piece of jewelry for some time and now the solder won't flow like it should, instead of letting the tension build and possible cause a "melt down" (it could be an actual melting of the piece), stop and spend 10 or 15 minutes on some fun activity (a time waster).

So much for this fun activity. Remember, use your time wisely.

2008-10-28 05:26:07 GMT
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