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Entry for December 3, 2008
"Time stands still for no man." I know some one said that but I get to experience it.

Another one I have heard is "Time flies when you are having fun". I must be having fun.

Getting customer's orders finished for Christmas is of first priority these days.

December is the time customers remember that they were going to get a rock polished for a present so it has to be done by a certain date. How is that for someone else helping your time to fly. I am glad many of their requests can be finished in good time. I don't know what it would be like if I had a few more difficult orders.

I got the pond fixed so the water is not leaking away. The pump is working so the water fall looks nice. It also sounds nice.

This is the time for Bazaars. I am only schedules for three but that is enough until I get more organized.

The last bazaar I sold at was the first one that the head lady had organized. It was not well attended so sales were not high.

My next bazaar will be in Vernonia, OR. This is one they have had for 30 years so there should beĀ  a lot of visitors.

The third one is at the church and part of the proceeds will go to the Food Bank. I am not expecting to get a profit from this one but what comes in will go to a good cause since Carol (my wife) is in charge of the churches local food bank.

Time has past but I have enjoyed this quick update.

More next time.

2008-12-04 06:48:55 GMT
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