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Entry for February 1, 2009

This is a calm Sunday - Super Bowl Sunday- I am watching the game while at the computer. Half time is just getting over. Now the comercials.

It seems that work comes a little bit at a time and that is good. Steady rather than all bunched up.

I try to do the work as the orders come in. One exception is if I am rushed and one customer says that there is no rush for thier order. I may slip another order in front of this one.

I am happy that I am able to be helping those who can use the stones I polish. One thing I would like is for some schools (teachers) to be able to use some of my material.

Polished stones could be given out as rewards for good effort. When I was still teaching, I used polished stones in this way. Some students would get a good collection of stones.

Also, the magnitite would be good in science classes. Magnets and magnitite go nicely together for displays and science projects.

I have enough work projects to start out this week. Stones to cab especially some material that I am not to familiar with. I hope these will polish well. This order came from SC. This material was shipped from South Carolina to Portland, Oregon for cutting and polishing. I have another order from Maine that needs attention but I am relaxing today. I will get with it tomorrow.

If it freezes at night, I have to get the water for my grinder thawed out so I can use the grinding wheels. These need water for keeping the diamonds cool while they are cuting.

It is Feb. 1 2009  so it is almost spring!

Enough for now.


2009-02-02 01:41:35 GMT
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