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Entry for December 5, 2007
December already. Last minute orders coming up. How do I get them all done? I'll just have to see if the GET DONE!

I am working a lot on cabs both free form and standard sizes. My tumblers are still going even though it gets cold at night. I have found some ice on my gold panning tubs so I know it has been cold at times. Cleaning out a tumbler in cold water is something else.

I have to heat my water for my grinding of my cabs. The water hasn't frozen inside the sheds yet. Winter slows me down  little bit.

An order for a piece of lapis set in gold is my major project especially at the price of gold now. I am not sure what its final cost will be. Something to think about.

The recent rain storm flooded out the little creek I like to go gold panning in near Vernonia, OR. In fact almost the whole town of Vernonia was flooded. Come Spring I'll see what it did to the creek. I can't wait, I may go take a look-see during Christmans break from Sylvan.

Till next time.
2007-12-06 08:06:36 GMT
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