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Entry for January 2, 2008
I have been going through some of my old writings.  Some of these I will transfer to computer files while others will be discarded as useless or outdated.

One paper I ran across was a description of how to share slab of rocks with others without really giving away the slab. This was through 35 mm photography. The new digital cameras and the internet have made sharing pictures of slabs instantly possible now for almost everyone now.

This article also made me realize how fast things  change. This is a good time to think of this since this is the first of a new year. It might make us think - what will be old and obsolete by this time next year.

This article also remind me that at the time I was writing it, it would have made a good article to send in for publishing in a rock and gem magazine or a lapidary type magazine. Now it is outdated and useless. Exerted effort but to no benefit

It is helping me think I need to get serious about not only planning projects but also to proceed to their completion.

As this new year starts, may we all see what would be good to do but then also proceed in finishing the task.

2008-01-03 08:18:57 GMT
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