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Entry for January 9, 2008
I have appreciated a break in the busy schedule I had had before Christmas break. I did have a customer come in today with a large garnet that he wanted polished on two faces. I'll work on that in the coming two or three days.

I started to use a new vibrating tumbler I had purchased some time ago at an estate sale. I have others. One the same brand and another large bowl vibrating tumbler that I have used in the past. I usually just put my cabs and small things I want polished in my 12 pound tumbler and let them go through their cycles. For my large batches of just tumbling rock, I use my 5 gallon barrel tumbler. It is always fun to empty out a big batch of polished rocks and sort them out into different sizes. These are stored away until needed.

I have been sorting through my cabs and arranging them according to types of materials. I had so many small batches in plastic bags and did not really know what I had. I am trying to get more "organized". I am not pricing anything now as I can see by the last time I priced them (which was a long time ago) the value has changed so why put a price on things now and have to change it a year from now.

A cat (a calico colored - female??) must have been dropped off near our house. It was just starved. I made the mistake of feeding it. Now, it is mine. It has taken over my clean shop. It has found a chair with a soft seat and that is now his/hers. I know it has to be a girl since it is a calico but I would hope that it is not or will not get pregnant. If it does have kittens, maybe I could make a new rule that the first 5 (or more) customers that come to pick up their orders would also have to take a kitten home (or not get their order.) How would that work? Sounds good to me if I do get some kittens around here.

Well, so much for my yaking.

2008-01-10 07:53:16 GMT
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