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Entry for March 11, 2008
Sickness is a matter of life but time goes on.

I have not posted for some time but now have to get busy to make up for time spent with other activities.

You may have notices that I like to do some gold panning. I was able to go to Vernonia for my first outing. I found a few very small flakes as well as several of the "fossil" limb casts. I also found some pieces of petrified wood that I will tumble.

I will get busy and get to my customer's orders. Most need some cutting and then polishing so it is just getting the items in the process and proceed.

My supply of cabs are increasing. The supply of material is almost mind boggling. I don't have all the latest finds but I have most all of the old time materials and a lot of materials that are not common.

That's all for now.

2008-03-12 05:18:14 GMT
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