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Attitudes Open Opportunities

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Most flat slices of agate, jasper, and petrified wood take a good polish

Attitudes open up opportunities.

Friendliness is an attitude that can open up opportunities. This life value opens paths of communication which can lead to unexpected opportunities. Let me relate a recent example.

I was in a business recently to make a purchase. I had been there before and had met some of the workers. One worker, in particular, I had not seen for a while and I commented that it was good to see her again. She had finished some training and was now using it in the business. To another one I mentioned that I had not polished a piece of petrified wood that she used as a tool to demonstrate the variety of magnification lenses. We had talked about this previously. She handed me the slice of wood to take home and polish for her. From this friendly conversation  they offered to let me to bring in some of my polished rocks as samples for their customers since their customers frequently  asked about such things. The owners offered to sell some of my rocks and give me the money. To be fair I would not want them to do all the work without reward. What I would rather have them do is to sell it on commission or for me to sell it to them at wholesale price and then they could mark the prices and keep all that was sold.

This would be the next step but it may not have occurred if there had not been the friendly conversation that led up to it.

So the personal value or attitude of friendliness can open unexpected opportunities.

Attitudes Affect Product Quality

Saturday, February 20th, 2010
Picture Perfect

When It is Done Right, It is Done.

I can imagine that God  was trying to do his best as he worked creating everything. His comment as he looked over what he had created was recorded as being: And he saw that it was good. God did not want to produce a product that was less than good. He would not have been satisfied with a mediocre product. As he worked his attitude was to produce a quality product.

I have to look over the products that I produce. I want to be able to say, “It is good”.

When I can say, “It is good”, I know that I had the right attitude while I was grinding or shaping or polishing a stone. When I have had the attitude express by thoughts like: “Oh, it will pass”, or “Well, no one will notice”; the product will not be good.

My attitude while working affects the quality of my products.

With this in mind while I work I have better control of the quality of the products you will see on my web pages.

But with this being said, the quality of my products can still deteriorate if my attitude is allowed to deteriorate. I must be constantly vigil about my thoughts while working on each step or process of a procedure. I can’t just wait until I get to the last step and say to myself, “I want this stone to really be super”. If the previous steps were not well executed the last step can’t make up for what has already been poorly crafted.

Each stone has to be prepared and worked through to the finish with that attitude that says; “This will be a quality stone because I am going to do my best to make it a quality stone”.

So in short what I am saying is: Quality Attitudes Produce Quality Proctucts

Value of Blog

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

Regular blogging may be a news/history of a web site if it is regular and if it contains news or information about the web site or those individuals and activities of the web.

I would like my blog to be more than just a news paper of what has happened. I would like it to be interesting as well as contain information about the happenings of the site.

I want it to be a personal connection with those who log onto the site. In order to have that happen, it will have to have something interesting and draw people to connect and comment. That is my desire.(But this is too small to be a goal.)

Only well written blog entries will accomplish this.

From time to time I will see a need of presenting my goals for this web site. For me to present these goals, I will need to examine the pages of the site and determine what the goal of each page is. But this will not be the total goals of the site because each of the pages are only step or tool to reach an unstated goal. In other words, what I need is the underlying goal of not only the web site but also the goals of my activities that deal with the production of the site.

What we may be attempting to determine is “What is one goal of my life?” (A goal that would rotate around the web site.

I am getting ahead of myself because I am not ready to expose my self at this time. More, though, will come.

For now I am inserting a picture of the “new” shop that I build to help house some of my materials and activities.

Wall of hope

Four walls needed for roof.

An opening for a south exposed window

Exterior walls or siding needed as well as the roof give more hope.

Siding and rood give hope.

Siding and roof make a much needed improvment.

A door would be nice.

A wide door way will make it easier.

I learned a valuable lesson today.

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

I received an email from a potential customer some days ago that I did not follow up on correctly. I failed to follow through so I lost a sale. He sent me an email today stating that he had found what he was looking for at another location.

Will he be a potential customer in the future? I don’t know. It is possible that he won’t come back with an order since he has found a place that might be quicker to supply his needs.

So, what I have learned is that follow through in timely order in necessary for good customer relations.

My desire is to provide prompt service. This means that follow through is absolutely necessary to provide prompt service. Leaving actions for later can interfere with providing prompt service.