Finding things to do is not the problem, Doing them is.

Mushroom surrounded by grass.

A new month. Another new day.

Today is not the day to worry over things not done. Today is the day to begin getting the important things done.

Choosing the important things (projects or daily tasks)  first frees up time and energy to do more of the ordinary or even  the necessary things.

Being able to choose the important things rather than those urgent things brings us peace. Sometimes an important thing can become an urgent thing if we are not careful to use our time wisely. When an important thing becomes an urgent thing it may not be done in an efficient manner and therefore not done as well as it would have been done if it had been done while it was thought of as important.

Urgent matters cause haste and waste. The haste may cause the thing to be done hurriedly carelessly, and with waste. The waste may be in time, energy, money or pride in accomplishment.

Wisdom in knowing whether a project  is important or urgent is needed.  When important projects are not handled efficiently they may not become urgent. More thought can be given the important projects which will produce a better outcome.

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