Goals and Planning

A good foundation is necessary for accomplishing the goal.

Goals cannot be reached if there are no goals set.

Goals cannot be reached if there are no plans directed toward the intended goal.

Planning then, is necessary to reach a goal. Planning consists of all the necessary steps that would be needed to arrive at the desired objective. When necessary steps are left out, the plans are incomplete and the steps will not lead to the desired goal.

Goals should be set that match an individuals values, interests, and abilities.

A person’s values will help direct as well as limit individual goals. A value of honesty will not allow any steps of planning to permit dishonesty. If dishonesty was necessary to reach a chosen goal, that goal could not be chosen. Good values  like: honesty, trustworthiness, good work ethics, reliable,  and responsible will help direct not only the goal but the planning that will lead towards the reaching of the goal.

An individuals own interest should be the compass that directs the establishing of the goal. The abilities will be used in caring out the steps needed in the planning towards the goal. If certain individual abilities are lacking, then education to make up the difference is needed or ways to have others provide their expertise to fill in the gap.

What then is needed?  First, establish your life values to aid you in your goal setting.

Nest, examine closely you interest to see what you would like to set as a goal.

Then, establish a goal. This then, is the time for the planning stage to be entered into. Research may be needed to determine the sequence of steps necessary to reach the goal. When a goal has been determined start by writing out the goal as well as some of the known steps necessary to reach the goal. Your study may turn up other requirements or steps that need to be inserted at the proper time and place.

This phase of goal setting should be a time of excitement. It should produce a lasting drive well into the time of the step after step in following through with the plans.

One thought I want to insert her is the thought that it is okay to change goals. If your values change, you may have to change your goals. If your interest changes, you should change your goal. If your abilities in any way change you also may need to change your goal. This is life and what life is all about.

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