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Tumblers Seem to Come First

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Working on the tumblers seems to be a high priority. Either that or this activity is what I like to do best and choose to do the work on the tumblers over other priority activities.

The tumblers produce the greatest quantity of material ready for sale. After sorting the materials in the polish tumbler load the material is ready for storage and later sales or  for photographing and putting on the web site for sales.

I like the web site to have as few “SOLD” spots as possible although I know it is good to have a few “SOLD” spots so people know other people are ordering from the site.

I enjoy getting material ready for the tumbler. Sometimes it is just getting some loose slabs ready.This may involve breaking the slab along any obvious crack in the slab or breaking off any jagged area left from the sawing process. Sometimes a slab will need to be broken into a more usable shape or size for “useful” jewelry stones.

At other times it is grinding that is necessary. I like to rough grind edges on certain stones so they will have a more pleasing shape. On many of the stones intended for jewelry work, like wire wrapping, I like to make a curved bezel on the stone. Because of the larger irregular size of these stones I do not try to make them have a complete dome. Part of it is left flat towards the center but this is not a distraction to a stone well wrapped.

If I am opening a tumbler barrel  that has gone through the rough grit, I check to see that the stones are really ready for the next smoothing stage. If some stones are not ready for the next stage I take these out and run them through the rough grit again at a later time. This rough grind step lasts from 7 to 10 day.

In the second stage, which again last for 7 to 10 days, I again check the condition of the stones. When these are ready the stones are ready for the pre polish. The pre polish stage is also 7 to 10 days long. After the pre polish they go into the polish stage. And again I run this stage for 7 to 10 days.

I will have to take some pictures of my tumblers and get them posted for view. One tumbler unit consists of a 5 gallon barrel on a home-made set of rollers. The other tumblers are 12 pound Lortone tumblers.

If any one has questions about my equipment or tumbling process, give me a shout.

Time: Asset or Liability

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010
Playing the waiting game.

Squirrel waiting for the right time to attack

The trail of evidence

This trail of evidence is easy to follow.

Time can be an asset or a liability.

Time used well is an asset while time not used well is a liability.

If one is not careful it may take several hours of well used time to make up for even a few hours of time not well used. Great care needs to be made in judgment concerning the use of time.

I will use the pictures of the squirrel’s activities to point this out in a positive way. The squirrel used his time well. He/she kept watch for an opening (good use of time) instead of just taking a nap or play chase around the tree (poor use of time). When the coast was clear he/she made a mad dash to the paper towel rack on the patio. It might be now or never and he was not going to take a chance napping. By using the available time he/she was able to make off with half a roll of paper towels for nest building purposes.

When we are watchful concerning time and make good use of it, we can accomplish more. Not using time well means we will be behind and not accomplish what we would like to accomplish. If fact, it might be too late to “build our nest”. Poor judgment in our use of time may cause us to have to spend more time than what might have originally taken to  do the job.

If we use the squirrels as an example, we will want to “build our nest” first instead of either “nap” or “play chase around the tree”.

With a home based business there are always choices to make in the use of ones time. It can be easy to take a nap instead of working on a project. When we get behind on a project it usually takes longer to get it done if it has been put off for play. We should use our time well, look for opportunities, and take advantage of that time.

So don’t let good time be lost. You only get one time to use the hour. Make good use of that hour.