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Easy Method to Make Out Order Items on Email to me.

Friday, July 30th, 2010

COPY AND PASTE: It Works. I’ll tell you how.

Each of my items are in a box or cell. You may copy and paste the contents of the box by setting your cursor in the top left of the box and hold the left button down as you bring the cursor to the lower right of the box. This selects the content of the box. Then right click while still in the box and select “copy”. This will copy the content of the box (except the picture will be copied as its location). Then on the email addressed to me left click where you want to place the item you wish to order. Right click and choose “paste”. This will paste the item you selected and it is placed on the email ready to be sent to me.

If you want to practice this, open your email form addressed to you and practice this procedure to gain practice then mail it to yourself to see what it looks like.

This is all for now. So try it before you forget the easy way to order items.

Waiting for your orders. Have fun with rocks.