Getting Caught Up

Getting caught up can be a fun activity when a person sees progress.

I finished some tumbling for a customer. I cut and sanded 20 small TE’s and now they are ready for polishing. I always like this activity because I can call the customer and they can come and pick them up and take them home. This means I won’t have to find a place to store them.

This last week I showed one of my customers my home made 5 gallon tumblers. He might make one for himself since he has a good quantity of rocks he needs tumbled.

I have been sorting through some of my slabs. Some go into the tumbling box. After 4 weeks in the tumbler, they will be ready for sorting again. Some will go onto my web site. These are the better ones.

The second box will be some slabs that will be ready for the camera. I will photograph them wet to give a better idea of that they look like. These sell nicely as they are usually just small slabs of material that people east of the Mississippi River haven’t had access to.

The third box will be a box I will set by my grinder. These I will shape and contour before they are tumbled. When they finish the tumbling process, many of these will be photographed for my web page.

Now, getting the photos and putting them on my web site is another whole “never ending” job.

You can see. I have several areas I could get behind in. (OH, did I say the grass was growing and needed attention.)

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