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Some Things Are A Must

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

It is time. I am 74. I live in Portland, OR. My Mom is still alive and well but lives in Auburn, Nebraska. So, it is time. It is time for a visit to see my Mom. She is hard of hearing so these visits can’t be done by phone. It will be a live visit. My wife and I will be traveling this summer for that visit.

What preparations are needed for that trip and visit? Route and destination are planned. Start time has been set. Ending time is open. So, what else?

I am planning on doing some “gold panning” while back there. Yes, there is gold in Nebraska. I wrote about it years ago and had an article published in the Mining Journal. There isn’t enough gold for a commercial mining project, just recreational mining. I will pack the supplies for this activity as the car will hold what will be needed. There will still be room for our clothes. When all is packed for what is needed, what then. What I have left to do may be the hard part.

I would like to have my web site up to date. I would like to have all “SOLD” items replaced by new items. I would like to have all shop equipment ready for the break while I will not be working on them. I would like to have materials and projects “laid out” for my return so I will be able to “dive right in” and get to work. So these are my projects for a while.

In the mean time, it is OK to contemplate on the trip and visit. Thinking about the good time we’ll have as well as remembering those past times where memory serves us so well. BUT!!!

But, there should be caution used when dwelling on memories. Don’t dwell on hurtful times unless the hurtful times produced a benefit that is remembered. Also, don’t dwell on painful times unless it produces peace.

Sometimes memories are a must but there should be care taken in how they are used.

Each One Has a Preference

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

The need of variety is all around us.

We see this when we might ask four people what they would prefer for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We might get as many as four different answers.

Because each person may have a preference different than mine, I try to not assume that I know what a person might like as far as rocks go. I try to provide a variety but I want each one to be the best of its kind.

As for size, I produce both the very large as well as the very small.

Different colors for different preferences are always needed.

This makes my work exciting as there is always something that needs done.

We make our life exciting when we allow others to have their own preferences while we have our own also. We can live our live without having to¬† follow “the crowd”.

If we follow “the crowd” we are not our own person. We really don’t know who we are at all if we try to follow others preferences. So be unique. We need a lot more “U” niques.