Each One Has a Preference

The need of variety is all around us.

We see this when we might ask four people what they would prefer for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We might get as many as four different answers.

Because each person may have a preference different than mine, I try to not assume that I know what a person might like as far as rocks go. I try to provide a variety but I want each one to be the best of its kind.

As for size, I produce both the very large as well as the very small.

Different colors for different preferences are always needed.

This makes my work exciting as there is always something that needs done.

We make our life exciting when we allow others to have their own preferences while we have our own also. We can live our live without having to¬† follow “the crowd”.

If we follow “the crowd” we are not our own person. We really don’t know who we are at all if we try to follow others preferences. So be unique. We need a lot more “U” niques.

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