There is always work to do. Sometimes I get so busy I forget to ask for God’s guidance in the choices of activities to do. God knows when I should get things done better that I do and his Spirit will sometimes urge me to do certain things that seem out of order. It is only later that I can see that it was done at the correct time.

Each day as I awake, I talk to myself about what to do. It seems I always have customer orders to work on and always there is more work I can do for my web site.

Today as I was getting an order ready for mailing, Carol talked about going to the food bank to get some work done. Because the PO is the same direction, I decided to go with her so after I got my work done I could help her. It ended up that we spent 4 hours at the food bank. I felt good at the decision of going and helping. Maybe this was another of those Spirit led activities.

I am now home and after a little rest, I will begin some rock related activity. As I said to start with, “There is always something to do.”

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