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What is a Fair Price?

Friday, March 21st, 2014

I have to ask this question every time I put an item on my web site. Yes, what is a fair price for this item?

I don’t purchase my stones from another source so I can’t just double the price and come up with a price since all of my stones are what I have cut and/or polished.

The fair price question has alway “bugged” me since I never wanted to over price any items so it was priced more than a person could purchase it somewhere else. I also want to make them a “good deal” for those who were using the stones to make jewelry items they planned on selling. If my prices were lower, they would be able to also sell their items at a lower price. This would mean more customers for them.

So to begin, I look at each piece and imagine what a fair price might be. I use the infoformation I gain from the prices I see at rock shows as a general starting point.  After I have photograpyhed each piece and have the photo uploaded to my site, I then work of the description and priceing. I put down what I think would be a fair price. I know that there is a difference in pricing across the USA. Prices are just different in different areas. I don’t try to be either the lowest average price or the highest price. It is just my price.

As I look at the items on any page that sell compared to the items that don’t sell, I get an idea of which items may be “over priced”. These are the ones I am most concerned about. What would really be a fair price for these items. I don’t normally have “SALES” on my items. What I do from time to time is just reduce the price of items that haven’t sold. These items with the reduced price may sell more redily than they had before the price reduction. I don’t announce that any page had been repriced so the next customer won’t know that the item might have been ariginally been priced slightly higher. I still price the items in easy increments: 50 cent increments. This make it easy for me and my customers to count and total.

I will have to explain one thing about some information of two of my pages. You will find that it said, this is a Home Based Business. This is only partly true. The part that is true is that it is “home based”. The part that is not really true is the word “Business”. This is not really carried on as a busines but as a hobby. It pays for the expenses but for the time I put in, I wouldn’t make minium wages. But I am not complaining nor am I going to raise the prices. Most all will find my prices very reasonable and even quite low compared to what they would pay for them in their area.

My goal then is to have my items pay for themselves and still be a good value to my customers. I want my customers to “get a good deal” when they order from me. I am sure God is pleased with my desire to make sure my customers feel very satisfied with the price and quality of the stones they pruchase from me.

If I tried to “over price” items, I am sure God would be displeased with such actions. God has given me these stones to work on and he would not want me to misuse his gift to me.

Thank you for reading to the end.   Larry

Sunday, March 9th, 2014

I am embarassed. Completely embarassed.

One of my customers logged onto my blog and found out that I had not written anything for WAY TOO LONG.

Shame on me. I have no real excuse. I know that in the time I played a game on this very computer, I could have written an article to update my blog.

This is an example of my bad use of my time and at 76 years old, I can say I don’t have a lot of time to waste. Time is what God gives to us. This is not the only thing he give but it is one of the things we are responsible for using. Did I use my time for the best or right use. NO. Again Shame on me.

One other gift God gives each of of is different interests and abilities. Kids in school see this. They see that some of their friends love MATH while others fight MATH. Usually if they loved MATH they did not like or do as well in reading or English. This is the way God made us or as I like to say Gifted us.

God gives gifts according to how he wants us to function in life. He wants and expects us to use the gifts he gives us. Some of us recognize our gifts early on while others find their gifts at a later time. No matter when we discouver them, we must put them to good use.

I did not put my writing ability (I did not say gift) to good use. What did I lose by failing to do so? I lost the joy and satisfaction of using what God has given to me. I may have lost confidence in at least one customer who was “brave” enough to tell me that I had not made an entrance for a long time. I may have lost a customer’s order if they thought I was not even in business anymore.

Devestating. Devestating. How sad to think I might not have been able to share the results of my other interest and abilities with another person. If they thought this was not a “live website” and did not try to check or send an order – I missed out and they also missed out. They missed out on not receiving some of the pretty rocks they saw on my site.

So what have I learned from this?

The use of my time is critical not only to myself but to others. If I waste (do not use correctly) my time, I waste other’s time. When I have wasted time, I have not been faithful to God who has let me fill in the time he gives me with “good things.

Let this be a lesson to me. God provide the time but he expect me to use it wisely.

I have some things to be working on and it is “I”.