What Gets Me Going?

Time or lack of time is one thing that gets me going. Time is one item needed to produce a product. If there is no time, there is no product produced. If there is only a little time, this can be just as problematic. Little time may produce little product but it may also produce a product of less quality. This could be just as bad as no products. Time yet to be may be necessary to repair the product of poorer quality so there is still future time wasted.

Another thing that gets me going is customer orders. This is especially true of special requests. Some orders are easier than others but they will all take time. Besides the time, other tools or equipment may be needed. The right tools and equipment make a job easier to do. I like that as it saves time for another job or project that may just show up.

Another thing that gets me going is the word “SOLD” I find showing up on my web site. This means that an item has been ordered and probably already shipped. When there are many of these bold red “SOLD’S” on any page, it means more work and this gets me going. More items are needed for that page. More photography work, more uploading of pictures, more writing descriptions. These all get me going.

Now you might get the idea that everything is work related but you are completely wrong. I can really get going when the fish are biting or at least they should be biting. Another relaxing yet very physical activity is gold panning. Yes, I did  say gold panning. I don’t have to find very much to get excited about finding a speck of yellow gold. I just enjoy the activity. As an example of my crazyness, I like to look for gold where none has ever been found before. And yes, I have found gold in places where it hasn’t been reported yet. Not enough to start a gold rush but at least a rush to me as being the first one to find gold in that particular place.

So as you can see, there are several things that get me going. And speaking of goin, that is what I am going to do, going.

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