Do we take time to live?

Our lifetime is a small part of eternity. It is only a whisper. Small indeed. What then isĀ  a year compared to eternity? Or a month? Or a week? Or even a day?

When we look at from this perspective, an hour is nothing compared to eternity. Now I have a question. Because we see an hour as nothing compared to eternity, is this why wasting an hour of time seems to be of no consequence?

An hour is an hour. This hour may be our last. What we make of each hour is important, not because it may be our last but because it is an hour God has given to us to use while here on earth during this part of eternity. Eternity does not start when we die but when we are born. We spend what we call our life time living in our flesh and blood bodies. When our flesh and blood bodies die, the spirit God gave us for our bodies continues on and lives throughout the rest of eternity.

The God who created all things and all people, is our savior while our bodies are alive. His plan is to save us for the new heaven and earth Jesus went back to prepare for those who yield themselves in obedience to him. When we die, God becomes our judge. Are we ready? That is an important question, especially if this is our last hour of time to live.

God is patient but our time will come. Our time will end. Are we ready? The New Testament part of the Bible will help you find out. Study to book of Acts after you read the first four Gospels (the stories about Jesus coming.). Jesus is Lord. He deserves reverence and obedience. When we have put him first in our life, our lives will be lived pleasing to God our judge. Email me with your questions:

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