If it is worth doing, it is worth starting today.

The thought in this title is for me.

I have been thinking of starting to again do some work making jewelry. Since it is a thought, I must examine the basis of the thought. Where does this thought come from? Is it a product of greed? Is it a product of pride? Is it a Holy Spirit motivated thought? I must determine the source of the thought.

I the thought of start doing some jewelry work is because of greed or pride, the thought is of Satan. It is not worth doing. If the thought to start making some jewelry is of the Holy Spirit, it is worth doing. That is when it is worth starting today.

I may not have everything I might need but if I have enough to start, then it is worth starting today. Just because I do not have one special took to do one certain task, that does not mean I can’t start today.

If I have some designs already in mind or some old designs that I could work on, then it is worth starting today. Just because I haven’t come up with some new design doesn’t mean I can’t work on some simple piece today.

When I have decided that it is the Holy Spirit that is urging me, it is time to put that thought into action. It is therefore time to start.

Is it time for you to start a project that has been in your mind lately? Maybe it is God letting you know that it is something you should be doing.

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