Timelyness for blogs

I just don’t know if Ibelieve it or not but I have to believe it because it happened. A customer sent me an email asking me if I was still open since I had not written a blog for such a long time. But one thing I am happy for is that they were reading my blog even if I haven’t keep up with my writing. Besides knowing that people do read my blog, it tells me that they expect it to be kept up to date.

Being up-to-date shows the company or activity is still “OPEN FOR BUSINESS”. This may not be critical if it is “just a blog” but if the blog shows the activeness of an organization, it is critical. I think I just said this but it doesn’t hurt to repeat important thoughts and ideas.

We¬† choose the activities we participate in day by day – actually moment by moment. Our choices determine what is accomplished. What is accomplished may determe if we are sucessful in some activity or not. Whether we are successful in some activity or not, then may actually fall on our choices. If it does, we can’t blame anyone except ourself.

The questine that should come to our mind, then is, “What choices caused me to fail?’ (If I don’t want to fail again.) When we examine this question and come to a proper and truthful answer of what choices caused me to fail, I can proceed. It is only by proceeding after the question has been studied and evaluated, can there be hope for success in the next round of endevors. This should be a built-in step as a person looks for improving hopefullness for success in the next round.

God expects us to grow to be more Christlike. To be successful in this day by day task, we must examine our choices. Did we make the right choices.The Holy Spirit is given to each believer as he/she is baptized for the forgiveness of their sin. (Acts 2:38) The Holy Spirit is their to guide us but we are still obligated to make the right choices. If I know it is right to be honest but I choose to be dishonest, I will not be growing as God wants me to grow. I can’t blame it on God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit because it was I who made the final choice to be dishonest. I was not forced to be dishonest. So, from this short illustration, it is very clear, I must be aware of the choices I make because my choices determine my success.

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