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Purple “Beach Glass”

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Frosted Purple Desert Glass

Purple desert glass tumbled and drilled.

I have inserted into my wire wrapping web page some information about this purple “desert glass”. I have run it through the tumbler to give it more of the appearance of “beach glass”.

My first goal is to see if there is an interest in material like this. If there is sufficient interest, the material will be available for sale.

The glass has come from broken bottles found in the SW deserts of the USA. The sun over the years has turned the glass to a purple color. Some pieces are lighter in color but all have a shade of purple. The tumbler has smoothed any sharp edges of the glass and has given the glass a “sand ground texture” like pieces of glass picked up on beaches.

Drilled pieces could be used at pendants. Smaller pieces might be for earrings. Larger undrilled pieced could be set nicely by a wire wrapper.

The interest and use of this type of material would enlarge the creativity of many craft artisans.