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Making Someone Else Successful

Making yourself successful is what is taught today. Parents tell this to their children. Teachers teach it to their students. Colleges have business classes for teaching this concept.

Have you heard of parents telling their children "do something today that will help make your brother be successful"? Is it heard of teachers telling their students, "think of ways you can make a classmate successful today"? I wonder if there would be many colleges that could fill their classes if they were teaching, "How to make others successful".

These are not common thoughts but that is what my goal is, "to make someone else successful". That is the underlying principle of my lapidary work. I want someone else to be successful as they use the stones I sell.

There are several ways in which I try to accomplish my goal. One way is to produce a product they will enjoy using. Recently, I have been reminding my customers that it is God who made the rocks for us to use. I tell them that I am fortunate that God has allowed me to do the cutting and polishing of some of his stones. I am thankful for this. This helps me do my best at what he has helped me learn. I try to produce top quality stones.

The reason I want my stones to have the best polish I can put on them is to help my customers be successful. When my customers have a collection of stones that are well polished, they can feel successful in accomplishing their goal of using a variety of good looking stones. When they feel successful, I have been successful in accomplishing my goal.

Some of my customers make pieces of jewelry for family, friends or for their own use. I want these customers to feel successful in what they produce. They are using the talent God has given them to produce a work of art. I want them to feel successful when they give an item they have put their hands into making. This can come when those who receive the item offers them thanks for a beautiful gift.

As I think about my customers whose main goal is to sell their finished pieces, I want to help them to be successful. I want their products to sell. I feel I have a part in this process. I will start by again saying that I want my effort to make a good product so they will enjoy working with the stones. I want the stones to have a good polish so that it is pleasant to look at. Another way I try to help them be successful is to have a fair price on each stone. I don't want to over price any item since it is my goal that they be successful in selling it after they have put their labor of love into it also.

Now, take a look at me. Am I successful? I would say, "Yes, I am successful". My stones keep selling. (Of course, God has something to do with this.) Yes, I am successful in selling my stones. I make enough to pay for the costs of the operation. In fact, there is a little that could be called profit.

So as long as I am able to keep making stones to make people happy and successful, I will call myself happy and successful.

Larry E. Whittington