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Flat Polishing Services Offered For Agates, Jaspers, and Petrified Woods.

  • First: Gather up specimen slabs or end cuts you need polished. Most agates, jaspers, and petrified woods will high speed dry sand OK. Mark which side of the slab you want polished.

CAUTION: Materials that are to thin to be held or to large (heavy) to be held will be returned unpolished so please check with me about these kinds of pieces. Usually the minimum thickness is about 1/4 inch, maximum diameter about 8 inches, and maximum weight is about 3 pounds.

  • Second:Carefully pack them for shipping (USPS or UPS) so breakage will not occur.
  • Then: Email me your shipping date so I will be expecting your package. When it arrives, I can acknowledge receipt of it.
  • Finally: When your material is polished, I will return your material with a note indicating the cost of polishing(.50 cents per square inch). Look over your material to make sure you are happy with the polish. Then return a check or MO for the cost of the polishing plus the cost of shipping.

Flat Polishing Charges:

Polishing costs are $ .60 (.60 cents) per square inch, however, a first time order introductory PRICE is offered as an incentive to try my services. This is a 10% discount so please request this for your first order.
Shipping charges:

Return shipping charges are usually exactly the same as your shipping costs. If you want insurance on the return shipment, let me know the amount (value) of the contents.
Email me your questions or concerns.




Agate, Jasper, Petrified Wood, and other Quality Gemstone Materials.

I specialize in cabbing agates, jasper, and wood but also cut other quality gemstone materials. I work with all sizes of cabs both standard ovals and free form. (Added charges on small concave curves on free forms.)

When you have material that needs cabbed, let me know the type of material and quantity you will need cut.

Mail Me Your Questions!

Please mark the slab to outline the cab. Also mark which is the top and which is the bottom of the cab.

If you see a cab on my web page and want me to cut one from my material to a certain size, that is also an option.

Whether you have one stone that needs cut, or more, let me know.

I am offering an introductory price of $10.00 per stone but email me for clarification or questions on this.

Extra Charges:

The only extra charges would be a slabbing charges if the piece has not been slabbed.
Drilling Service for my flat gemstones.

When you purchase one of my flat wire wrapping stones or other cabs and want a 2 mm. hole or 4 mm hole drilled near the top of the stone (from front to back) let me know. The charge will be $ 1.00 for each hole drilled.

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