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Magnetite - What is it?
How can it be used?

Science Fairs and Magnetite

Magnetite is a unique material
that can provide vivid visual
effects for the creative science fair demonstrator.

Explore: Magnetic design
Magnetic flow.
Magnetic texture.
Magnetism - Uses and harms.
What is magnetism?
Where is it found?
What are its uses?
What are its harm?
What are the explored uses for magnetism?
Are there unexplored uses for magnetism?
Could there be unknown uses for magnetism?

Demonstrate the invisible power of magnetite.



Order your magnetite for MEOW Kettles here.


About 5 pound of black magnetite for $16.00 plus $5.95 shipping.
About 5 pounds can be shipped in the small "if it fits, it ships" box.


Black Magnetite
Fine grain black Magnetite
SIZE: Filtered through 20 mesh screen.
Student size: 4 ounce package.
COST: $ 2.00


Black Magnetite
Fine grain black Magnetite
SIZE: Filtered through 20 mesh screen.
Larger size 12 ounce package.
COST: $ 5.00

Any of the following pictures my be copied or downloaded and used in any science related student activity.


This is a picture of the effect of invisible magnetic energy of a small radio speaker magnet and a small circular magnet by its side upon magnetite grains.


This is a picture of a small round magnet and its effect on fine grains of magnetite.


This picture illustrated what a amall horse shoe magnet and a small round magnet will affect magnetite.


This picture shows the effect of a single horse shoe magnet on magnetite


Name: Magnetite is a natural magnet, hence the name.
Chemical Formula: Fe3O4, Iron Oxide.
Notable Occurrences: South Africa, Germany, Russia and many USA localities.
Uses: Major ore of iron and as mineral specimens.
Source: Gold panning activities. (See below for details)

The magnetite offered for sale comes from my prospecting (gold panning) trips in the Portland, OR area.
My main areas of prospecting are the Mollala River south of Mollala, OR; the Lewis River north of Vancouver, WA; Coon Creek near Vernonia, OR; and even the lowly Johnson Creek near Milwaukie, OR.
I have tried not to leave any gold particles remain with the magnetite. A magnet does not have any visible effect on gold.


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