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My Conversion Story

or What I did to become a Christian

Growing Up,
Knowing I Should,
Deciding I Would
Intervening Week – Hell Week
Going Ahead,
Yielding and Obeying,

Junior High was my growing up years as I learned about the Bible and God. Our family went to church services quite often at the small church where my Grandparents went. There was always a lot of singing, preaching, and Bible studies. One time for a Bible Rally I remember we just sat together and read through chapters of the Bible. I also can still remember one vacation Bible school time when my Mom taught the creation story. We made little story booklets of the seven days of creation. It was all real to me.

In the church services Grandpa was often called upon to lead the church in prayers. He also would pray before mealtime at home. In my mind I can still hear the resonant sound of his prayers. He was one who lived what the Bible taught. Our family moved to a new town just before I started high school. There was no similar church there so we didn’t go to church regularly unless we were visiting the grandparents. Mom didn’t like missing church assemblies so at times on Sundays she would gather us kids into the front room and we would have a short session of some songs and Bible reading. I know at times I was not always eager for these sessions even though I knew it was the right thing to do.

After high school graduation I was able to attend college and was then also able to attend a church like we had attended in junior high days. I believed in God and the Bible stories. I knew Jesus was God’s Son and he had died on the cross for our sins. I grew up knowing the Lord’s Supper was for baptized believers and Jesus’s was to be remembered each Sunday through it.

During one Sunday evening service after I had been home from college for the week end, one older lady in the assembly noticed that I did not take the Lord’s Supper. She knew that I had not been to any other service that day and she asked me why I hadn’t taken the Lord’s Supper.

I knew I needed to be a Christian before I took the Lord’s Supper but I hadn’t been baptized yet. In answer to her question as to why I hadn’t taken the Lord’s Supper I replied: “I not a Christian.“

Her simple reply was; “You know what you need to do, don’t you?”

To that I replied; “Yes, I know.”

With this she came back with; “Why don’t you do it next Sunday?”
I don’t remember what I said back to her but in my heart and mind I know I would yield my will and obey what the Bible taught. I would be baptized for the forgiveness of my sins the next Sunday.

Hell week began.

I knew that those who didn’t believe God and obey the Bible’s commands would not go to Heaven. Because of this point I knew if I died before I made my confession and was baptized, I would not go to heaven.

That week I lived in fear of dying because of God’s word. I spent time reading the Bible each day. I was in continual prayer that whole week. This was my time of repentance which God also requires of believers.

The following Sunday I yielded to the invitation song, made the good confession that Jesus is Lord and was baptized. Faith and obedience to God through his word finally brought peace to my life but it might not have come if it were not for a little old lady who was curious enough to ask a simple question. “Why didn’t you take the Lord’s Supper?”

Larry E. Whittington

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