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Ready for work

I am busy. I am glad.

I want to do the best for my customers that I can. I won’t meet many if any of my web site customers but I want them to feel good about their dealings with me. I want them to feel they got a fair deal. This is how God would want me to treat others as the Bible says to do to others as you would want them to do to you. God knows best. He is always right.

It is my dessire to get some new pages up on my site. These pages will include free form jewelry cab pages that will specialize in one kind of stone. I am thinking I will start with a Holly Blue Agate page. I will use the other jewelry cab pages as a template. This should make it easier to just add new stones in the old settings.

I have not gotten much local cutting or polishing yet this year but it is too cold and wet for any local rock hunting. When they go out there is more work. I like the flat polishing of the Thunder Eggs.

What else am I doing you ask? I am helping my wife to do some of the heavy work at the Food Bank that she is Director of. This is the Crossroads Church Food Bank. She really has a lot to do to get the help and keep it running. In this area, because it is a large city she has many non-English speaking people come through. This is a challenge if they get unruly as it is hard then to tell these people what they should be doing.

OK I am waiting till it is warmer so that I can go gold panning again. Until then I will just keep cutting rocks.

Face Book is an interesting source of customers. I am working on that to find customers so that takes time and work.

So much for today.

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