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Keeping up to date.

Looking out my shop window

I have some ideas that I want to work on to keep my web site up to date. I am not sure that all would be good but at least I am thinking.

One idea is to date each item that is entered. This would give you, my customer, information as to when I did some updating of my site. The benefit for me would be to be able to see items that have been “on the shelf” to long. These items then could be removed or the price changed. It might help me to recognize what type of items are not selling.

A second idea is to have separate pages for special cabs. I could have one page dedicated to Holly Blue agates, one page for picture jasper, one page for … You can see what I mean.

Another idea that may come into being in my marketing plan is to offer “On Approval” selections. This would be designed especially for all my past customers.

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