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My Web Customers

So many varieties to capture with a camera.

I am thrilled when I get an email order. I am, of course, curious as to what was ordered. Each one is different. I then begin to imagine what the stones are going to be used for. Drilled stones are probably for a necklace, although I had a customer that bought some for Christmas tree ornaments. What I list as wire wrapping stones, as well as some of the cabochons, probably go into a wire wrapping project. Polished specimens may go into their collection of rocks or it may be intended as a gift for someone else. It is fun to speculate even though it doesn’t matter as long as they enjoy looking at some of God created gifts he has given to us.

The other thing that I am curious  and amazed at is where my customers are located.I find that  most of my customers live east of the Mississippi River, some in Kansas or Texas and another group in California. I may never get to some of these places but it is nice to know that some of my work (polished rocks) travels so far and end up in so many different hands.

These hands feel them, their eyes see them and their minds create purposes for each one. That is where it makes me nervous. Then I have to think – did I do the best I could to polish that particular stone or did I just say – “Oh, it’s good enough.” I have to confess that sometimes I have been tempted to do just that. That is when I have to think that Jesus is looking over my shoulder and checking to see if I has done the best for the stone. Jesus said he was in the beginning and created all things even the very rock I am working on at that moment. Would Jesus be satisfied with the work I put into the stone?

This is one thing that keeps me going but the other thing is that God has put within me a desire to polish rock.

I guess that is what keeps me going.

By the way, the picture has nothing to do with polished rocks.

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