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A Change

A summer afternoon shower has just past by. Now as I stand with the last gleaming rays of the evening sun against my back, I look up to the sky which is filled with clouds. Some are painted pink by the setting sun which is still sending its last golden rays through the opening in the clouds. Some, though, are still dark and forecasting rain for the new land they will over shadow. Others are almost pure white like a bundle of new fallen snow.

There is now a rainbow in which can be clearly seen the wonder of shinning a light through tiny but yet effective droplets of water.

Now as I am standing here, I think of tomorrow which I feel will be a great new day with a sky wiped clean of any clouds that would hint of a rainy day. With the breaking of the storm and the coming of the rainbow, I stopped thinking of dull, dark thoughts brought about by the gloomy weather, and started thinking of bright, happy thoughts. I began to feel a bit chipper.

As I became aware of the change that was coming over me, I could feel my heart pound a little faster – a little stronger. I thought to myself, “I was glad there were rainy days just so I could feel this way after one.”

Larry E. Whittington
A very short high school or college English paper with a grade of B on it.

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