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An Unlucky Day for One or Was It

One warm summer day a few years ago when people wish they didn’t have to work, Henry, a likeable chap of fifteen decided to go fishing. Henry didn’t want to go alone though so he called on a friend.

“Joe, how about going fishing with me?” asked Henry hopefully. I’ve been told that the fish have been biting down on Plum Creek.”

“Well, Henry, it’s like this. My two cousins, Harry and Bill, you met them last year, have wanted me to take them but today I have been just too unlucky. I just got hit on the head with a falling limb. I just got that feeling that I am going to be unlucky all day long. But I guess, I can’t do no more than fall in the creek and get wet but I want to go anyway so let’s go.”

“If Harry and Bill didn’t bring their rods, I can fix them up with some over here at my house,” continued Henry.

“Thank you, but they brought some new rods they want to try out.” Joe exclaimed excitedly.

“If you still have those worms you showed me yesterday just bring them over and we’ll be on our way. I can hear the fish calling my name.”

“Here are all the things we need. You had better lead the way, Henry, I still feel unlucky.

“Ok, I’ll lead, Joe. Let’s go.” It wasn’t long before Henry, his friend Joe and Joe’s two cousins, Harry and Bill were on their way. Plumb Creek was only a half mile out of town so with all their excited talking it seemed like in no time at all they were there.

“Bait up boys. This is where we fish. Joe you can fish from that log if you are not afraid of falling off. Harry, you and Bill can fish along there in that deep hole.”

Some time has now past and the boys, all but Joe, have caught some good fish. ”Henry, I haven’t even had a bite, how about letting me come over there where you are?”

“Alright, Joe, I am a little stiff from sitting here anyway so come on over but after I get off this rock.”

When Joe started fishing where Henry had been and he started catching some fish right away but only little ones.

“Joe, I got my line hooked on that stick” complained Bill. “Do you think you can get it loose without falling in?”

“I’ll try, Bill,” answered Joe politely.

“Be careful, Joe”, shouted Harry. “That limb won’t hold you,”

Calmly Joe replied, “I think it will, Henry, I’m not that heavy.”

The other three boys jumped as they heard the loud splash of water and Joe’s scream. They all watched as Joe made his way to the opposite side of the creek and climbed out. He was soaking wet but he was still holding on to his pole. “I warned you Joe,” teased Henry “but you did not listen. But I think it did you some good. You were complaining about being a little hot about the size of fish you were catching but you are sure cool now.”

“Joe, do you think you scared the fish?” asked Henry.

“Henry, with my weight and the way I fell in don’t you think the fish are in the gulf already? laughed Joe.

“Well, come on and we will go down stream and find another place to fish. Are you coming back over here, Joe? Questioned Henry.

“No, I don’t want to climb back up that bank.”

“Alright, Joe, we’ll meet you around the bend.”

The boys pulled in their lines and started downstream. They moved quietly until there came a scream from the other side of the creek.

“Joe, this isn’t time to be running around playing Indians. You will scare these fish too.”

“Henry, you would be acting like this too if you just happened to disturb some busy bees. Boy, there must have been a thousand of them chasing me.”

“Joe, I heard that if you put mud on those stings it will help them feel better?” Henry replied helpfully.

“I’ll try that, Henry” said Joe hoping it would help the stinging.

“You had better make sure the mud is clean,” chimed in Bill.

“How can you make mud clean, Bill?”

Laughing Bill said, “Just like you do with anything else. Wash it in water!” “That isn’t funny, you know. If I wash mud with water it will just all go away.” Replied Joe as he looked for a narrow place to cross back to the other side.

Coming to a place that looked just right Joe yelled, “Wait a minute, Henry, I will get my things and cross over to your side here where it is not too wide.” “Joe, you had better jump as far as you can because it is a little slick along this side,” warned Henry and all three boys waited and watched as Joe began his run to make his jump.

The ground was slick on Joe’s side also so all that the three boys saw was the big splash and heard Joe angrily saying, “Rats, two baths in one day just isn’t right.”

“Too bad you spent that time putting that mud on those bee stings, Joe, because that dunking you got washed most of it off.”

“That’s OK, Henry, I was about ready to wash it of anyway. They don’t hurt anymore.

“Well, as I said after your first dinking, come on and get out of the creek and we will go on downstream.”

“Henry, here is a place that looks like it would be pretty good. Let’s try it.”

“This is where most of the big fish I was telling you about were caught, Bill.”

“Joe, you look different. What are you thinking about?”

I just remembered one time I had two real baths in one day and after that I was real lucky so I am going to start fishing and find out if I am going to be lucky again.”

“Alright, Joe, but I don’t think you will catch anything bigger than a minnow.” replied Henry while he baited his hook.

“Look out everybody,” yelled Joe, I have a big fish on my line already and I don’t want to lose it.”

The three other boys gathered around encouraging Joe as he started to fight the fish.

“I guess those baths you had did you some good. Keep holding on. He’s coming in.

(one ending stops here. Another ending adds just a little anticlimax.)

“Yes, He’s just about in so you guys get your lines in the water and see if you can catch his brother.” After this all went well for all four of them. Fish were caught by all and it was a memorable day and Joe had the last word, “we are going to have quite a job cleaning all of these fish”.

This was copied to computer from a hand written paper written in ink paper. It had no grade marks on it. I don’t know if it was from high school or college. (Finished copying on Tuesday, December 13, 2016)

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