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What Shall I Write

What shall I write that others may know,
Just what the feelings are and I have and show.
What shall I write – or should I write at all?
Do others even care to know anything at all?

What shall I write if others don’t even care
Just what my feelings are when they are laid bare?
Who should I write to – or should I write at all-
If none would read even a little – let along all.

Why does anyone write anything of themselves
If they know no one will even take it from the shelves.
This might be a question someone might answer
But who would know it even if it on paper were.

I sometimes think that maybe just to my self.
I write to know what feelings I have of my self.
I write, that I may know and then be sure
That in all things my feelings may be pure.

May 15,1961 by L.E.W.
This was copied from handwritten material in an old yellowing unlined booklet.

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