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Time is On Your Side

Time is on your side when you get to choose the activity. Timing is everything when you don’t seem to have enough time. But time is on your side when you get to choose your activity.

At any point of time in the day you may be called upon to make a choice; do I do this or do I do that. When you are not forced to do one activity over against another, time is on your side. You can decide one or the other. If you are planning, look ahead. What needs to be done and what will provide the greatest good toward some future goal. When you get to choose, time is on your side.

Examine the choices and choose the one that is most needed to further the next goal. There is no pressure of time because it is on your side. Choose the activity that is needed to help accomplish a future goal. Each activity that is completed towards the goal will open up more time for other activities.

Accomplish one activity at a time. Don’t try to be involved in more than can be done at any one space of time. Remember this: completing one task opens up more time for the next task.

From My blog notes. Larry E. Whittington
Reviewed again on October 23, 2017

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