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Vacations Bring Work

I am back from Nebraska. It was a great trip. My 95 year old Mother felt good and she was glad to have me back. I also got to see my brother and two sisters. We were happy to get 35 MPG on the freeway as it is a long drive from Portland, OR to Auburn, Nebraska and back

Now that I am back, as I said, vacations bring work. There is a box of mail that is still unsorted. I’ll get to it. There were the rock orders that came in while I was gone. They are filled and on their way. (Except for one that did not send me her mailing address.) There were two drop-in customers wanting some thunder eggs cut and polished. I had to get started on one of these since the customer will be heading back to Denmark. She was a foreign exchange student. She wants to take some of her rocks back all polished so I have some work to do in the next four days.

Oh, did I say that the grass grew while we were gone. I got the back yard done this evening. I am thankful that our neighbor mowed our front lawn. I will need to do it in a few days since it has been cool and rainy. Roses need care as well as some other bushes. So, what am I to do? It is like I said, “Vacations Bring Work”.

But with that thought still on my mind, I am very thankful to God for blessings I don’t always remember to count. I had orders that needed shipped. I should be thankful for each one. I met new customers. This is something to also be thankful for. (Did I end that sentence with a preposition?) Our Mail was kept safe while we were gone as well as our house. It is nice to come back home. I am thankful for that. God kept us safe over the many miles we traveled. Did I mention I should be thankful for that? The volunteers at the Food Bank where I volunteer were glad to see me back – well and able to jump right back in to help out. Yes, I need to be thankful for each day I am well and able to fulfill my obligations even if it is a volunteer position.

As I am getting nearer to the end of this blog, I can see that do “Vacations Bring Work” but they also bring about a lot of thankfulness to the great God who provided not only for the vacation but also for the health to do the work the vacation brought on. (Another preposition at the end of the sentence. I think we will have to legalize that sentence construction.) I don’t think that God would really mind one way or the other.

Written as a blog piece. Larry E. Whittington

Addendum: Mom passes away at the age of 101 in November 2017

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