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A New Feeling

A Poem in the making The following was a hand written note from a yellowing, unlined paper. It was written in ink, with some corrections as it goes along, some are for spelling while others are for the use of different words or phrases. It seems to have been intended that each verse be 10 lines long. No title, no date. No name except it is my handwriting. (Larry E. Whittington)
On the back side of this same paper was another writing in groups of 10 lines. It is not complete so I will try to fill it in.

A New Feeling

How long it is from the time of their falling
For the leaves to grow again?
That’s how long we have been waiting
For the change that has finally come.
Besides the green waiving overhead again
We have a green carpet under our feet.
It isn’t like it was at the dying
All brown, dry and dead then.
It doesn’t make the old, crispy sound
This new soft cool carpet green.

How long it was from the time of dying
For the carpet green to be ours again!
But now we note something -something
New in the air – It smells like nothing else.
It comes only from the new growing ones
That come from their hiding place.
The many things from here and there
(They come on ground or tree high)
And all have the colors I know
And all the good smells to share.

How long it was from the time of fading
For the rainbow colors to dot the earth
But hark, hark now for what is this
This, I hear coming to my ear?
Is it that glad song of that old bird
The one that’s been gone for so long.
But now it is here, it is hear.
Telling everyone it is hear.
He goes hoping along with that cheery song
And is glad as he makes hearts cheerful again.

How long it was from the time of flying
For the old bird to come back
And now we can say it
Because everyone knows it
That it is spring time again
And I might be in love.

I inserted the word “I” in place of the word “we”
in the last line even though “we”
was in the original.
This may have been written about
the time I met Carol my wife.

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