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The Leaves Are Free

The leaves are free.
I know they are
Running, jumping
Twirling away.

It came again.
Again this year.
I saw it. I saw it.
The leaves are free.

First the buds.
They brought them on.
Stuck tight
To every twig.

Green as green can be.
Tied To trees.

Growing, green
Green as green can be
Tied, tied to trees

Surprise, surprise ( what words here?)
How can it be?
Green leaves gone
Now gold, red and brown and free.

They know they’re free
Free indeed
Their waltz directed
Freely by the wind.

This way, That way
Or still they lie
Quietly, Patiently
Waiting to get their breath.

Then rising, racing,
Twirling and jumping
Playing with the wind.

Green they once were
Tied to the trees
Only ruffling, rustling
Quaking quietly in the breeze
But now leaves set free.

Started 11/12/2018
Larry E. Whittington

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