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Learning New Tricks

I am thinking of myself as Rip Van Winkle now as I start to discover the newest of new web site formatting programs. Twenty years ago I used the simplest means of coding I could use to get my website live (although I did have help getting the original format coded.) Now I am not so sure about myself or maybe it is just my abilities to learn this particular way. There is not supposed to be much “coding” but learning how to get to where I am supposed to put the new stuff is (I am going to use the word daunting) even though that word has a negative flavor which could mean disaster.

And that is just what I was going to write about as being in the person of old Rip Van W. This is not the time to let fear freeze me. I have to look ahead and see or at least imagine all the other people using the program successfully and with confidence. I tell myself that I cannot loose confidence in myself or my teacher (especially since he has worked more deeply with computer programs for some time.

What I will be working on is new and I mean NEW. It is actually supposed to come out or be fully unwrapped like next month. (Nov. 2020) What my web site will consist of is a display of the polished rock items I have for sale as well as a place for a blog and a place to hold my other written material This is what I have wanted – especially a place to hold my written material.

Everyone can access my web site when it is fully ready and UP AND RUNNING. My teacher and I just have to get it all ready and I don’t really have a clue as to how long that will take me. Old Rip Van W. Here is concerned about how OLD he is and if this OLD DOG can learn any NEW TRICKS.

So come back when this is alive and we will know.

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