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Rip Van W.

Rip Van W. is awake now after his long – really too long of nap. He is up and running just for the fun of it. It seems he is starting something new. Starting to do something new is not always the best but I have had a good start at starting something new. It was starting out with a completely new web format with the new Word Press. That is not really the name of what I was working on or learning on but I liked the process of learning.

One thing I will say the starting of a new something is not the end of it. There will be new things learned and new uses of the web site. I have spent time bringing material from my old web site into the new one. One thing I learned was something I knew from years before but I just forgot to “update” or save on a regular basis. Yes, I had some work to rework but it all seems to have worked out OK. I must feel like I have really been working with all the use of the word “work”. Sorry about using it so much that I made you a little nervous about the subject “work”.

I don’t think you really have to worry so much about it though because it is 1:27 AM and so it is not time to get up and go to work. At least I hope not since I have not even gone to bed yet.

First of all, one thing I like about the program is, I have a good teacher. Actually, he has done most of the work already. He is just letting me practice so when the site is completely up and running and google catches wind of it and also runs with it, I will be able to go in and make the changes and updates it will need.

As people get a wind of it, I will have comments to respond to and probably some questions to answer also. Because I have products for sale, I should have some orders to fill and when I have items sold, I will need to replace the sold items with new items. I will have to practice doing this. The one thing I will have questions about is how to place or replace something in the same “numerical spot”. I’ll just have to see if this is necessary or not. Remember, I need to be flexible and not stiff in my old age. Being too stiff might rub my friends the wrong way. Being too stiff is like using the wrong grade of sand paper to finish a fine piece of furniture or even a rock as far as that goes. So flexible is the way to think of being.

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