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Time can’t be bargained with. You have no control of it. It may have seemed we had day after day of time because that is what it had seemed like. So boring. It seems it will always be the same but we don’t remember those explosions – those days we had no control of –the next week, the next day or even the next hour. We had no control of those times.

No, I can’t bargain with the next hour of time since I seem to have no control of it. It is already used up. It is already spoken for and even already demanded. It is gone.

How does this happen when it seemed that day after day had always been the same old boring day. The explosions of life. It just happens. I cannot say “I’ll get that done by 1:00 o’clock tomorrow.” That hour is spoken for. It’s all used up. Its gone.

Where has my time gone?

10/10/2020 Larry E. Whittington

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