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The Joy of a Craft Person

A craft person must use his/her skills together with their God given talent to produce products that they enjoy spending their time on.

I also have to use some skill as I write about this topic. At times I want to use the words “crafty person” in my blog as I write about their skills using tumbled slabs or large cabochons in their creations. But I might get some flack. One meaning for a “crafty person” is a sly or cunning person which is usually a negative description of a person. I don”t feel that way at all about a person using their God talents creating something of beauty and value.

A craft person uses their time to carefully select the needed materials for what ends up to be a work of art. As the polished stones are laid out together with the accessory parts and needed tools, excitement rises. “This will look perfect”, she says to herself. “I would even like one like this one is going to be”, she rattles on.

The mind of a craft person does not only dwell on the looks of a finished project but it moves days and even weeks ahead thinking of the time one of her customers comes in and spies the piece. Again as she relates the joy she had in creating the piece and her desires for the piece to find a happy home excitement mounts as her customer says, “I’ll take it”.

This excitement is divided into two piles of coins. One pile of coins is for her home expenses and the other pile of coins is for shopping for more rocks and supplies for her craft. The joy of a craft person is complete.

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