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The Joy of the Lapidary

If you haven’t noticed it, people are different. Their likes are different, different preferences, different colors. This is one of the things that make working with stones so different, so alluring. There are so many different kinds of stones – almost one for each preference group.

That is also good for the lapidary person – the person who cuts and polishes the stones. That is where I fit in. I am a lapidary. My story of how I became a lapidary is on my website: You should be reading it on my site now so I won’t have to tell you how to get to it.

I am frequently asked, “What is the stone you like the best”? I have to tell them, “The one I am working on at the minute”. Weird, isn’t it. I like all the stones I work with but I especially like those stones which come out the most lovely.

I like getting slabs ready for the tumbler. Sometimes this involves finding the crack in the slab and then breaking the slab along the fracture line. Tumble polished slabs are very sought after because of their usefulness. The can be used for fabricating jewelry – many times it is wire wrapped jewelry. At other times is is just for a personal collection. But of course, the craft person can put their own ideas to work and find other purposes for colorful tumble polished slab.

Sometimes it is the small cabs that I like to concentrate on. This may be because they are more quickly shaped by grinding. The agate, jasper and woods polish up so well in the tumblers also. The small cabs or small cabochons are usually for rings or the small everyday necklaces that many ladies wear.

The joy that a lapidary gets out of his work is knowing he is working with stones God has made and since he has them in his hand he assumes that God has made these stones just for him to put the finishing touches on.

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