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Ability. We all have some. Do we see that in ourselves? I can see myself saying to myself and others: “I can’t do that”. We have told ourselves and others a lie because if we knew the truth we might have been able to have done it if we had purposefully tried to do it.

There are some things that we have to admit that we are not able to do. God made us that way. He did not want us to be able to do it while on the other hand; we can do some things because God has given us the ability to do it. But remember one thing. He does not force us to do it or even force us learn how to do it if we choose not to do it. This is the problem – our problem.

We get some traits or characteristics from Mom and some from Dad but when they arrive in us, their offspring, they get all mixed up. God is the one who does this. So in this manner it is God that has the final say about what traits or abilities we have. Neither Mom nor Dad may have had the trait but it was evident back in Grandpa. He could do it. It was just hidden in our parents or it had skipped them but again it was visible in us.

Thank God for the traits that we have and thank God for the opportunity to put them to good use doing what God wants us to be doing.

11/8/2020 Larry E. Whittington

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