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Attitude Affects Product Quality

When It is Done Right, It is Done. I can imagine that God  was trying to do his best as he worked creating everything. His comment as he looked over what he had created was recorded as being: “And he saw that it was good”. God did not want to produce a product that was less than good. He would not have been satisfied with a mediocre product. As he worked his attitude was to produce a quality product.

I have to look over the products that I produce. I want to be able to say, “It is good”.

When I can say, “It is good”, I know that I had the right attitude while I was grinding or shaping or polishing a stone. When I have had the attitude express by thoughts like: “Oh, it will pass”, or “Well, no one will notice”; the product will not be good.

My attitude while working affects the quality of my products.

With this in mind while I work I have better control of the quality of the products you will see on my web pages.

But with this being said, the quality of my products can still deteriorate if my attitude is allowed to deteriorate. I must be constantly vigil about my thoughts while working on each step or process of a procedure. I can’t just wait until I get to the last step and say to myself, “I want this stone to really be super”. If the previous steps were not well executed the last step can’t make up for what has already been poorly crafted.

Each stone has to be prepared and worked through to the finish with that attitude that says; “This will be a quality stone because I am going to do my best to make it a quality stone”.

So in short what I am saying is: Quality Attitudes Produce Quality Products

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