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We like access to things and places. We like access to our home, to our car, to our office or to any other place where we are entitles to go. This is one of the freedoms we enjoy.

Because I listed my website on the internet, I have given you access to this website and I would pray that you use it wisely. Don’t order more stones than you can use in a reasonable amount of time. Please take your time and read some of my writings: a poem or two, a short story (just for entertainment), maybe a Bible related article. Maybe a children’s story. Enjoy your time looking and reading.

What you also have freedom of access is making and giving comments about my website. I may learn something that I didn’t know and that would make me happy. You may think your comment might be harsh or unkind but a person may learn more from these than just a goody-two-shoes comment like “it is so wonderful, so beautiful and so easy to maneuver in”.

You also have the right to sign up for any forth coming news letter

You might just thank me and be happy you found me. Larry

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