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Signposts to the Future

I know where our talents and abilities come from. They are given to us by God. He has a plan for us to use them. This, then, is the hard part. I don’t know when he may be wanting us to begin using our talents. Remember, as I am writing this, I am also talking to me and about me.

Out talents may develop within us as we mature in age. Maturity may be essential before we have the full ability to use these talents. Some learning or training might also be required before the skillful use of that talent shows itself.

An interest or fascination may draw us toward developing our talent. This interest may push us to learn more skills related to the use of the talent. We may not understand fully why we want to learn or develop certain skills. We may not know that they will relate to something at a later time.

So let us look at the things we are interested in as maybe sign posts to the future of what God is preparing us for.

12/15/2020 Larry E. Whittington

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