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Larry E. Whittington; Writer

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Rarely have thoughts come to me as a flash. But a few have come while teaching a class. Others have come in thoughts at night. Most come while contemplating the subject.

The Hard Part:

The hard part is getting it all written down before the thought has vanished. You did know that thoughts can just vanish into nothing – just nowhere.

Now what was I thinking about. Thoughts come to me at odd moments.

Oh, let’s look at what I was writing (now typing) to see if maybe the next line has already come out.

Writing is not a constant, have-to drive in me. Thoughts can come to me in spurts and has been known to sputter but these articles are an assortment by me. These are placed here for family, friends and others who happen to find them to read, enjoy, wonder at and even be annoyed at.

Read for free but please contact me for other uses. Larry E. Whittington

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