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Jewelry Cabochons ~

Home of custom cabochons and gemstones for your Jewelry project.

Your source for Jewelry Cabochons, Collector Cabochons, Wire Wrapping Gemstones, Polished Specimens, Drilled Gemstones and Tumbled Stones. by EXPERIENCED LAPIDARY

“Jewelry Cabochons by Larry E. Whittington
are some of the best on the internet”

I am like a lost dog wagging its tail since you found me. It is my desire that you will enjoy looking at the rock pages and also my written work. If you are a collector of pretty rocks, a beginning artisan or that craft driven, artistic person looking for a new source to satisfy your need of the kind of lapidary slabs you need and see here, I am wagging my tail and wanting to serve you.

All of my items are one of a kind items. I may get more pieces out of the same larger rock but I only finish one piece at a time. These cabs or cabochons and specimens are hand finished or hand ground to shape from lapidary slabs and then tumble finished.

Enjoyment comes.

My enjoyment comes through these four avenues.

First: I enjoy cutting rocks into lapidary slabs. I then work with these slabs by shaping stones and making them “pretty”. Second: I enjoy helping collectors be successful collecting lapidary slabs and pretty stones by keeping my prices reasonable.

Third: I enjoy making jewelry crafters successful by providing high quality, reasonable priced items.

Fourth and overall: I enjoy being able to get your choice of my items into your hands to see and handle before you pay for them.

Larry (See how to order.)

Thank you for visiting Jewelry Cabochons


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Thank you for visiting Jewelry Cabochons

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