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Larry E. Whittington


I want to be a source for the polished stones you need: jewelry cabs, wire wrapping stones all cut from lapidary slabs. These stones may also fit into your collection.

My interest in lapidary began in 1965-1966 as I taught school in Oakdale, Nebraska. The General Science unit was on rocks The class needed rocks to study. I went into the countryside to pick up some rocks to bring into the classroom. But to my surprise, no rocks were found. The reason was because we had recently moved into an area called “The Sand Hills”.

No rocks were found on the hillsides or even in the stream-beds.

Everything was sand.

But I saw an advertisement for a rock club meeting in a nearby city (Norfolk, NE) and I went. This should be a place to find some rocks.

Today wonderment filled my eyes as this must have been a “bring your very best” for show and tell. Polished rocks, polished specimens, jewelry cabs, and beautiful jewelry filled the tables.


Did I get any rocks for the classroom?

No, but immediately I desired rocks and equipment. Therefore, I subscribed to rock magazines and read all about agates, jasper, petrified wood and lapidary processes. The tools I used to continue were research and trial and error. Later I used the resources on the web to a greater degree.

Now, let me be a source of service to you. I sell my polished materials, stones for jewelry, stones for collecting and even stones for gift to others.

Finally, Let me know your needs.

My work area

  • Time and a place is needed for sawing rocks,
  • polishing flats,
  • preparing slabs for cabochons or cabs for short, and polishing specimens too.

Cabbing work is also finished here. After cabs are finished the jewelry work begins. The area may seem crowded, but I use the work area as storage area also. The rough materials are readily available.

Cabochons in process
This is a group of “cabochons or cabs in progress”Later these cabochons will work for making jewelry..

Finished Cabochons
This is a group of finished cabochons or cabs ready for photos for web pages or storage for later use.

When I list one cab, I will usually have more cabochons or cabs of the same kind of material so I will have it marked..

Larry in his shop

I keep track of my personal projects and what special orders need worked.

Your orders are important.

At first I worked in two 8×12 foot buildings. These are conveniently located at the back of our home. NOW THREE BUILDINGS.

The Shop

I will update my web site with more pictures and pages as more pictures are ready. I love my work and am glad there is always much to do. Wire wrapping stones are needed. Cabochons or cabs do not have be just oval in shape.
(I like to be kept busy.)


I work with groups of cabochons or polished specimens at the same time. This saves time to finish one stage or process on a group of items and then go on to the next stage of the process of polishing

What about the Future?

It is now September 2021. Next month I will be 84 and still working – cutting and polishing rocks. Also I still produce polished rocks – specimens for rock collectors, rocks for kids and polished stones for the jewelry maker.

Since God has given me the desire for this activity and wants me to be successful and He also wants me to help other also to be successful.


Gold Fever affects me.

I enjoy looking for places to pan for gold. It doesn’t have to be in known gold areas. Sometimes it is just as fun for me to go where there is no known gold. This is good exercise.

It delights me when a tiny flake is found in these areas. It isn’t the quantity of gold that excites me but just the finding some.

In fact, it is more enjoyable finding gold where there is none known to be.

When you are in the Portland, OR area and would like to know the locations found with a few specks of gold, contact me.


First: Johnson Creek SE Portland, OR. There isn’t supposed to be any gold in the area but there is an occasional flake or two.
Second: Creek near Vernonia, OR.
There isn’t supposed to be gold here, but there is a few fine specks.
This creek just east of Vernonia has a few small pieces of Petrified wood and a lot of real small hollow twig like pieces of material composed of sand like material. This is an unknown material but seems to be some kind of fossil.

Third: Copper Creek, Washington
This is an old mining area and there is enough gold here to make a fun family outing. It is located Northeast of Battleground, WA.

Forth: Lewis River just north of Vancouver has gold in it. It is a pleasant place for a family outing.

Ask me about my thoughts of Heaven.


In conclusion, one other thing I grew up doing in my young days was fishing, both the going and the catching. In my high school days it was also the eating. The fish were free. Now it is not a driven activity but one of relaxation and usually contentment. However, if the fish aren’t biting, looking for rocks can always be done.

THANKS! Larry E. Whittington

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