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On Sale

Really everything on this website is for sale. So the title of this page is just a “misnomer”.

Don’t throw good stuff away!

Sometimes I will have a few other rock related items for sale but I do not want to build a whole new page just for those items so this will be the “catch all” page for other items that don’t really have a place, (go ahead and say it) “a page for them”.

Some of you may think this as you begin to browse the page (as I continue to fill it) so I will say it out loud for you.

“At 83 this is just STUFF that I doesn’t want cluttering up my shop any more but I don’t have the heart to just toss it.” (Well, someone might like it and have room for it in their collection.)

Also since I don’t like people tossing away things other people might be able to put to good use, I don’t want to be one of “those people”. This might fit into that old saying: “Waste not, want not”.

It wasn’t me. Larry

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